3 Skin Care Mistakes To Avoid Before Your Wedding Day

We all want to make sure we remember our wedding day forever, and what better way to do so than with pictures? That is why you should make sure your skin is priority while getting ready for your big day. You want to be a blushing bride not a hiding bride. For picture worthy skin, here are 3 skin care mistakes to avoid before your wedding day!

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3 More Reasons To Love Your Facial Toner Now

Toners, well they exfoliate and purify in one simple step, but read on for 3 more reasons to love your facial toner now.

With a toner you do not get to wash your face, worry about soap suds, or the remedy fix. What you need to know is the difference between astringent and toner to start with so as not to stress your skin.

Celebrity esthetician, Renee Rouleau explains the difference as shown below:

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Shea Glam Natural Skincare and Cosmetics Launches New Online Store

Shea Glam Natural Skincare and Cosmetics

Shea Glam Natural Skincare and Cosmetics, an emerging skin care and cosmetic brand, recently launched their e-commerce site.

[WEST DES MOINES, 03/17/2016] – Beauty is now within easy reach, as Shea Glam Natural Skincare and Cosmetics, an emerging name in the field of natural skin care and cosmetic products, recently launched a new online store. Their e-commerce site, www.SheaGlam.com, is dedicated to providing high quality skin care products,

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Three Tips For Keeping Your Hair Color Bright and Vibrant

We all want to try something new and make dramatic changes short of plastic surgery. Something that is always fun to do is getting vibrant color changes to our skin (by way of tanning) or with a professional at a salon. If you are considering dying your hair – red, brown, blonde, black or even white there is always the fear of your color fading and turning dull too quickly. If you are considering making the change to consider these three tips for keeping your hair color bright and vibrant.

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