An all-natural lifestyle choice for your skin
By now you have probably heard the buzz about our Seaweed Bliss Collection, Shea Glam’s anti-aging and mature skin care line. Four gentle new skin care products meticulously formulated with all natural products for even the most sensitive skin to bring you an all-natural lifestyle choice for your skin.

 It took us over two years to perfect our products…but we present them now in their perfect state (if I have to say so myself.) Of course it took the help of some expert chemists who understood that besides being pure in nature, the products had to really perform, feel great on the skin and be efficient to use.
Two of the products meet the strict labeling standard of “certified organic” meaning over 70% organic ingredients, and all others meet the standard of 100% natural. However, certified organic ingredients make up the bulk of all our products.
We bring you a new and efficient life style choice for both spa professionals and at home daily use. Shea Glam Natural Skin care and Cosmetics line is power-packed with ingredients from both science and nature. As for me, I love both the Seaweed Bliss Collection and the Oil Buster Collection with customer favorites like the SG Collection Sulfate Free Shampoo, Seaweed Bliss Collection Face Mask and the Oil Buster Collection Cleanser.
And when I use the Natural Pressed Foundation Powder over my entire face and neck under the all-natural moisturizer, I guess that “seals” the deal. Be sure to let us know what you think about the products based on your skin type!

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