5 Nighttime Skin Care Tips To Know Right Now

We all want to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning, well here are 5 Nighttime Skin Care Tips To Know Right Now to keep your skin looking young and rested.

  • Cleanse your skin nightly

    It is important to use a cleanser every night before bed, due to touching our face all day subconsciously — either by placing your hand on your chin or even nonchalantly placing your hand on your forehead at the thought of getting a headache.

Skin repairs itself at night, so removing makeup applied earlier or just cleansing your face with no makeup gives your skin a clean palette for applying your night time skin care products for maximum effect. According to our recent poll, 62% of those surveyed said they did not wash their skin every night. It does take a lot of self discipline and effort to perform your nighttime skin care routine, especially when you’re exhausted. But, it must be done.

  • Always moisturizer at night

    I have had some friends and customers say they want to let their skin “breathe” so a night time moisturizer is not necessary. Sadly, this is another skin care myth once again. It is farther from the truth simply because the skin doesn’t have a respiratory system.

Avoiding night cream offers no positive skin benefit. In fact, when your skin is bare, the moisture evaporates right out of your skin resulting in dry skin cell build up making the skin look dull and tired. It’s really important to use a moisturizer (one suited for your skin type) because at night when your skin is at rest, the skin’s permeability is at its highest therefore allowing the action ingredients of a moisturizer to absorb deeper within the skin.

  • Use products with performance ingredients

During the day your skin requires a moisturizer with protecting ingredients but at night when your skin is regenerating it needs a moisturizer with the ability to repair, hydrate, exfoliating and regenerate. Example of some ingredients are Red Marine Algae and Snap 8 – both are known to boost collagen activity in the skin cells.

  • Avoid applying eye cream too close to lash line

It’s important to avoid applying eye cream too close to the lash line as the product will actually end up in your eyes, picked up by your eyelashes. Did you know that every time you blink the hairs lift up microscopic amounts of product and it can eventually be deposited into your eyes? Anything that enters the eyes can be an obvious irritant and cause unnecessary puffiness.

  • Lastly, change your pillowcases frequently

Allergy doctors and dermatologists recommend that you will get a better nights sleep if you regularly change your pillowcase. This is because bacteria and oil may get reintroduced into the skin when you sleep so it’s always suggested for acne-prone skin to have a fresh, clean pillowcase to sleep on.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider at night when it comes to keeping your skin looking beautiful so be sure to treat to your skin the right way, everyday. For all your natural skincare needs shop SHEA GLAM NATURAL SKINCARE AND COSMETICS

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