3 More Reasons To Love Your Facial Toner Now

Toners, well they exfoliate and purify in one simple step, but read on for 3 more reasons to love your facial toner now.

With a toner you do not get to wash your face, worry about soap suds, or the remedy fix. What you need to know is the difference between astringent and toner to start with so as not to stress your skin.

Celebrity esthetician, Renee Rouleau explains the difference as shown below:

A toner is a water-based solution (generally alcohol-free) that uses humectants to keep the moisture in the upper layers of the skin to prevent skin dehydration. It is considered to be an important part of a home skin care regimen.

An astringent is a water-based solution that, when applied to the skin, is meant to shrink or constrict the skin. It is a stronger form of a toner and is formulated with SD Alcohol or Denatured Alcohol that gives the skin a tight feeling. (The tight feeling is a sign of dehydration and not a sign of clean skin, as many think.)

Boxed Quote: “Information courtesy of www.ReneeRouleau.com, a website with skin care tips, products based on nine skin types and advice from skin care expert and celebrity esthetician, Renée Rouleau.”

So now we know! If toners still have not made it into your beauty routine, it might be time to rethink your decision. The Botanical Toner from the Shea Glam Collection – Seaweed Collection balances your skin and gets your face to a healthier pH balance the natural way.


Here are 3 More Reasons To Love Your Facial Toner Now:
  1. Can be used as an aftershave: Women cannot walk in to the store and get an after shave but we won’t let that stop us now, would we ladies? Using the toner after shaving those legs will help catch any dead cells and prevent minor razor burns. The Botanical Toner is perfect for underarms and the bikini line!!!
  2. Can be used as a makeup remover: Not worried about your pores but out of makeup remover? Toner helps to cleanse your skin of makeup after a facial cleanse – so why not use it as a makeup remover to remove dirt and debris. Good bye oily residue.
    Toner used as aftershave
  3. Can be used as a De-Puffing eye mask: Lastly, we address the unwanted under-eye bags. For a quick refreshing eye mask, get a round non-abrasive cotton pad (cut it in half) and douse it with your toner. 

To reduce swelling, we commend putting the toner in the fridge prior as the cold compress will help reduce the swelling and brighten your eyes in one action.

Do you have other creative ways you have used your toner? Well, now you know why the lady next door have a lady bottle of toner in her bathroom!

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