Three Tips For Keeping Your Hair Color Bright and Vibrant

We all want to try something new and make dramatic changes short of plastic surgery. Something that is always fun to do is getting vibrant color changes to our skin (by way of tanning) or with a professional at a salon. If you are considering dying your hair – red, brown, blonde, black or even white there is always the fear of your colorĀ fading and turning dull too quickly. If you are considering making the change to consider these three tips for keeping your hair color bright and vibrant.

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An all-natural lifestyle choice for your skin
By now you have probably heard the buzz about our Seaweed Bliss Collection, Shea Glam’s anti-aging and mature skin care line. Four gentle new skin care products meticulously formulated with all natural products for even the most sensitive skin to bring you an all-natural lifestyle choice for your skin.

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